Father’s Day Comes Early This Year

Jersey Shore 2016
Nate on Left, Ben on Right

I’m so proud of my sons Ben and Nate!

Today, they each had a math test. (same grade / class / teacher, different periods).

There were 21 questions on the test. Nate got two wrong, but Ben said he got 100%.

Great. But after I asked Nate about the two questions he got wrong, Ben stopped and asked if one of the questions was number 12.

I stopped him, and asked Ben why he asked.  If he got them all right, why would that one stick out?

Ben said that he got that one wrong, but did the calculation three times, and each time he came up an answer different than what the teacher had said.

When asking about it, the teacher took another look and indeed, the wrong answer had been indicated on the answer list.

THEN something popped into my head.

I asked the brothers who had the class earlier.  If Ben had made the correction in an earlier class, then Nate’s error would have stood wrong.

But it turns out that Ben’s class was after Nate’s – so having missed question 12, Nate got a 20 / 21.

But was was more outstanding was that Ben has math class the last period of the day.

In other words, every other student in Ben’s grade failed to pick up on the error as Ben did.

Happy Father’s Day.  10/14/2016