Potato Pancakes in a Can – DID THEY EVER EXIST?

This last Easter / Passover we were looking at the supermarket fliers and I saw some of the Kosher selections which I remembered from when I was a kid.

Carol pointed out a can of some kind of cucumbers which looked terrible and we asked how anyone would ever want to buy them. I figured it would be someone who remembered them when they were a kid.

Vegetable Pancakes
As opposed to animal or mineral pancakes?

Then I remembered having these canned potato pancakes.

To make them, you opened BOTH sides of the can and pushed them out of the can. As you pushed, you cut them off in perfect circles. You then fried them.

I remember liking them, and asked Carol if they had them.

Nope. They have frozen potato pancakes (aka latkes) and some kind of mix in a bag, but not the CAN.

Searching the store’s website, then google, I was not slightly surprised that there is ZERO mention of this product having ever existed!

Well, this post is here for you, canned potato pancakes.