Don’t tell Carol! My son’s disgusting taste.

Oh my God. My hands tremble as I type this, because while Carol was working late tonight, I decided to let Nathaniel try the food that he asked for.

If it was only eating habits, I would swear Nate wasn’t really my son, because he is just about the most picky eater I’ve ever known.

Tonight I made spaghetti. Ben likes “the red sauce” that the rest of us eat. Carol, due to her half-Italian upbringing calls it “gravy”.  I don’t call it “gravy” because in my book, to be “gravy” it should have some meat in it. Nate doesn’t like tomato sauce, however, even though he likes tomato catchup and pizza. IN FACT he likes CATCHUP ON PIZZA.

And that’s where we’re going.

When asked if he wanted his spaghetti as he usually does, just with butter, because Mom wasn’t here, he was bold enough to ask for his spaghetti WITH CATCHUP.

Totally grossed out, I made a very small bowl of spaghetti and squirted some catchup on it.


May God forgive me, because I know Carol won’t.