Help the Economy! Buy me this thing!

EcoTonesToday‘s New York Times tells us of a new kind of sound machine from Ecotones.  Sound machine?  OK, they’re not for everyone but there have been sound machines like this (though not as fancy) for years and years.  We bought one for our boys when they were babies an used the “heartbeat / swoosh” sound to keep them sleeping.  I don’t know if it helped, but I can say that I use an old one with a ‘thunderstorm’ sound that does a great job of hiding the traffic sounds outside.

Well this baby adjusts its soothing sounds according to the sounds it can hear.  So, if a truck goes buy, it automatically increases the volume to ‘cushion’ the abrupt sound of the disturbance! I know I’m a bit of a kook, but if you have trouble getting or staying asleep, I’ve found these types of things to be better than a warm cup of milk!

We live on a very busy street.  I could practically jump out of the bedroom window and onto the top of a passing truck, Steven Segal style.  These good old boys come barrelling through trying to either make the light going one way, or making up for time lost at the red light coming from the other way.  Only moving to another house is going to solve this problem, because as it is the only viable route between West-South Jersey to points East to the shore (via the Atlantic City Expressway or the Black Horse Pike) is passing in front of my house.

Oh, did I mention?  They want just under $300 for this thing!  What a great gift – TO ME!  I’d even send the giver a nice “thank you” card!