What’s up with getting a Wii?

I’m a little confused. If you want to 1) stand in line for 4 hours, literally in the rain at 4:00 am, 2) make dozens of phone calls or 3) pay outrageous premiums in order to buy from disreputable dealers, YES, you CAN find and buy a Nintendo Wii!

Now, if I want to buy an XBox or a Playstation, no problem. They’re the same price everywhere and available from any number of sources including Walmart, BJ’s and Sam’s Club.

But what’s the deal with the Wii? I mean, do they WANT me to buy one? Don’t they realize that every WEEK that passes by their initial rollout is one week more that I’m thinking about the added features of an XBox or hi-def DVD player in a Playstation?

While the entry point for the Wii is considerably lower, the games are the same price, so the discount won’t be that much in the long run after buying say, 7-10 games…

My PRIMARY gripe here is the LACK OF INFORMATION. I went to the TERRIBLE (imo) Nintendo website (or GREAT, if you like clicking 4 times for something which should take you ONCE and don’t mind pop-ups) and no where is an announcement, “We regret only being able to satisfy a HANDFUL of our prospective buyers in what is an embarrassing shortage of Wii consoles. On February blaw blaw, a series of new shipments will be made and we hope to satisfy all of our waiting, prospective customers.

To settle this matter, the announcement would continue, we will take pre-orders on your Wii and promise not to charge you a penny more than the listed retail price of $249.99. Upon availability we will email you the name of a local retailer who will be instructed to place on hold your unit for pickup.

Blaw, blaw, blaw. That Xbox is looking better and better…