Thank you Evil Trial Lawyers!

That’s not being sarcastic, either!  Tonight, while having dinner with my pregnant wife, we were discussing the various things we would need for our twins.

One thing on the list were baby seats for the car.  I have enough problems shopping for a new hard drive.  Getting a TiVo (expected tomorrow!) has been a major move around here.

So now we need this thing(s) that 1) we will entrust the lives of our children with and 2) will stop using in less than a year.

Carol suggested that we should look at Consumers Reports for what they recommend.

Then it dawned on me – ANY baby car seat that Toys ‘R Us would sell should be OK!
I mean, THANKS TO THOSE “EVIL” TRIAL LAWYERS, I don’t have to PERSONALLY test and evaluate every baby car seat at the store, for fear that they would knowingly sell me something that would KILL MY CHILD even under normal cirumstances.

Is that what Republicans want?  They DO want to take away my right to sue to the extent of being able to compel the large businesses which make such things to manfacture baby seats so they would be SAFE…

I can’t help but wonder what “tomorrow’s baby seat” would be? What will it be like if individuals (aka “EVIL” Trial Lawyers) can’t sue those who market items which are otherwise unsafe to use?

How many people would have to end up dying / injured before manufacturers would be otherwise compelled to be held responsible for what they sold.

Are we to assume that they’d never do such things?