WIRED: Hungary’s Xupiter ‘toolbar’ acts more like a VIRUS!

In Wired Magazine, (see extended text for link) it is reported about a “toolbar” utility which installs itself in your web browser and acts more like a virus than anything else.

The Wired story, reports that Xupiter.com has created a applet which, when installed without permission, does everything from change your search page to your home page and perhaps reports on every website you visit!

Insidious in nature, Xupiter has offered an ‘uninstall’ utility which some have reported having crashed their system!

The utility installs after a false message box pops up (you just LOVE those pop ups, don’t you?) and, thinking you’re closing the damn thing, you actually activate it!

It also appears that Xupiter may be selling its “service” to other websites, so beware!