I didn’t know you can eat petroleum jelly…

Posted by Charles C. Cotton
Sep 23 2005

Who would have known?

My 13 month old twin boys sure are growing! They can now reach up to the table where we keep the diaper changing stuff along with the vaseline! At least that’s what I found out today!

dentaduraI come into the room and they are COVERED in vaseline – hair, clothes, EVERYTHING. Nothing really exciting – TO THEM…! They’re not even smiling and giggling in that devilish way…

Panicking, I strip them of their cloths, put one in the “saucer” and take the other one (the one insisted upon constantly popping his newly created “jelly-thumb” in his mouth) up for a bath (actually, about 3 baths each, ecch!). Putting baby #1 in his crib, I go to take care of baby #2 and then, seeing that they’re OK except for being as upset as I am, I go to give them each a bottle (“I hope this washes down any jelly, or should I be inducing vomiting?”)

OK, my pediatrician says to call 1-800-poison-1 (good to remember!) and THEY say that, as long as they didn’t CHOKE on it, it’s perfectly safe.

I’m as surprised as I am relieved…

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